IMAP Settings

IMAP is the protocol of choice for accessing email from other clients, such as desktop software and mobile apps.


Setting up your email client to connect to your account on this server should be straightforward. In virtually all clients, you simply select "add account". They will typically ask you if you wish to use POP3 or IMAP. POP3 is terrible. POP3 is so terrible, I did not even bother adding server support for it. Use IMAP.

Once you specify IMAP, the client will ask you for some values, which are specified below; note that not all clients ask for all options. The form assumes your username is alice and your password is wonderland. Replace these values with your actual username and password. If you attempt to log into my server with these example credentials, she will laugh at you.

Configuration fields

Email Address
IMAP Server/Host
IMAP Server Username/Login
IMAP Server Password
IMAP Server Port (you should not need to set this; I use the default port so leave this blank if it is optional)
Require SSL/TLS?
SMTP Server/Host
SMTP Server Username/Login
SMTP Server Password
SMTP Server Port (you should not need to set this either)
Encryption Method

If you get an error

Many clients assume that your username is the same as your email address. Your username is alice, not Try clicking/tapping "advanced setup" if that option is presented at any point.

Mozilla Thunderbird example configuration

1. Account info

2. Click Manual config

3. Hosts and ports

Recommended Add-ons

A better address book than the default; can synchronize with your CardDAV account.
Installed by default; can syncronize with your CalDAV account.
Mail Redirect
A standard MUA feature.
Adds PGP support.